My Favorite Things!

As we approach this busy holiday season, here are a few of my favorrrrrrite things, which just happen to include some great gift ideas!

1.  Sun Basket*

Of course, we all want to plan and shop for the ingredients of wonderful, healthy meals… but sometimes you just can’t pull it off. That’s where Sun Basket comes to the rescue!   Sun Basket is a meal delivery company with easy, organic and sustainable ingredients. They even have Paleo, Lean & Clean, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and family-sized options.

Health Holiday Sale- Save $50 off Family Meals!

$35 off any other meal plan

2. Dry Farm Wine* 

If you love wine, but can’t handle the hangover, sleep disruption, and other not so pleasant side effects then it is time to order some Dry Farm Wines*.  Their wines come from all over the world and are from mostly family farms/artisans that have committed to natural farming and winemaking practices.  They are lab tested to be sugar-free (most wines are high in sugar- news to me!), dry farmed (no irrigation), free of processed fining and clarifying agents, and all other additives. Most importantly, the alcohol level is at or below what is stated on the label and does not exceed 12.5%, as most other wines can be up to 24% despite their labels.

3.     Instant Pot*

Pressure cooking is twice as fast as conventional cooking (often it is faster!). It is one of the healthiest methods of cooking because it preserves 90-95% of the vitamins found in foods. It is a great addition to your kitchen (or as a gift!) that will save you time, while also allowing you to still eat healthy.  Here are some estimated cooking times: Whole Chicken- 25 minutes, Steel Cut Oats- 3 minutes, Brown Rice- 25 minutes, 3lbs Beef Roast with Potatoes and Carrots- 45 minutes. Amazing!

4.  5-Day Winter Detox

Happening right here in January! Get your eating back on track after the Holidays!  After just 5 days of eating yummy whole foods, you will not only drop some of the Holiday weight gain, but increase your energy, sleep better, and be ready take on 2018!

Group program runs – January 8-12, 2018

5.     Butcher Box

This is a great convenient service for those who don’t have easy access to sustainably farmed products. When you order your box online, you get to choose between beef, chicken, pork or a mix of all 3. It can be a surprise mix or there is an option to choose exactly which cuts of meat go in your box.

You also get to choose your delivery week and will get an email confirming the shipping so you knew when to expect it. The box comes with enough dry ice to keep your frozen meat nice and cold. Just make sure to open that sucker up promptly!

6.     Winter Walk Challenge 

The busy holiday season, mixed with the Winter Blues, can really create a dark cloud that follows us around.  One way to pull ourselves out of the slump is to feel confident and productive.  So… instead of committing to an unreasonable goal that you know simply will not pan out (like 7 days a week in the gym!)- let’s crush goals one step at a time! Small changes turn into habits.

5-Day Winter Walk Challenge & Wellness Challenge: Commit to walking each day and cheer each other on throughout the week! We will chat about some of my favorite wellness tips to stay on track during the holidays and ways to create healthy habits.

December 18-22, 2017

Added Bonus! If you are in the vicinity of Annapolis, MD, let me know and I will walk with you!

Simply email me @ and let me know you are in for the Winter Walk Challenge!

7.     Apple Watch*

It is a little pricey, but there are a couple of features that are really helpful.

It reminds you to stand if you have not been active in the past hour, it tracks your steps, exercise (you set the goal!) and your overall movement! In addition to this, you have almost all the functions that you have on your phone.  You can even take a phone call from your wrist!

And last… but certainty not least.

8.     Squatty Potty* 

I know.  You are probably laughing and think that I have totally lost my mind, but it works.  It turns out that studies show the natural squat position (which these stools help to simulate) are beneficial for faster and more effective elimination.  If you need more details, check out this fun video…

Now that you are hooked… purchase here!

Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy, and happy Holiday season!  

*All of these are affiliate links which means I earn a small percentage of each sale at no extra cost to you. I only promote products I use and love.