Case of the Afternoon Munchies?

It’s 3PM and you’re hit with a snack attack! What do you grab?  The right snack can keep you feeling full and energized until your next meal, but the wrong snack can give you brain fog and set you up for cravings.

The following is an excerpt from an article – “16 Nutrition Experts Share Their Go-To Snacks” presented by That Clean Life ( They asked nutrition experts what snack they like to add to their client’s meal plans, and here’s what they told us.

Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries

Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries are popular for a couple different reasons. They have fiber and protein to keep you satisfied, and are a perfect sweet treat for the afternoon or after dinner. Plus, they’re so easy to make but most people don’t think to do it on their own.

Dark Chocolate Tahini Cups

A favorite of most self-confessed chocoholics, Mini Dark Chocolate Tahini Cups contain ingredients that are superfoods packed in the shape of a dessert. And if Tahini is a problem – it’s an allergy for some, then almond, hazelnut or sunflower seed butter works well too.

Cinnamon Flax Muffins

It’s recommended that you make these in large batches to last all week long. Cinnamon Flax Muffins are a wonderful and nutritious balance of healthy fat, protein, and fiber to keep you full between meals. They are also super quick to make and keep in the fridge for an easy grab-and-go.

Ranch Dressing with Veggies

A hearty dip that pairs well with raw or roasted cauliflower. Vegan Ranch Dressing is an all-star because the nut-base contains fats to keep you satiated, and when paired with some vegetables, the fibre balances everything out. Pack this snack to satiate those mid-day snack cravings.

Zesty Lemon Chia Pudding

Zesty Lemon Chia Pudding is a snack that is a perfect balance of protein, fat, and fiber to balance their blood sugar and keep you full. It’s also simple and easy to throw together ahead of time, so even my busiest clients can make it work for them.

Green Smoothie Muffins

A great way to sneak veggies into your meal plan, even hiding them in baked goods. Green Smoothie Muffins  are super tasty, loaded with greens, and even have a decent amount of protein. (These were a big hit with my 20 month old grandson!)

Blueberry Chia Parfaits 

The Blueberry Chia Parfait is another popular snack with the experts. The low ingredient count and simple recipe make it easy to move people into the kitchen, and they appreciate the additional portions all ready in the fridge  

Almond Butter Stuffed Dates

Another favorite snack, the Almond Butter Stuffed Dates has just 2 ingredients and make a super quick and easy option. They also satisfy cravings for something salty and sweet. 

Chocolate Cauliflower Shake

Sounds like a strange combination, but this one adds something salty and sweet to satisfy craving and balance blood sugar.  Chocolate Cauliflower Shake is a snack for balancing women’s hormones. It’s packed full of healthy fats and protein (the building blocks of our hormones), contains Maca Powder to nourish the pituitary gland, Cacao Powder rich in relaxing magnesium… and it tastes like chocolate.

Kale Chips

They are classic and crunchy.  With Kale Chips, you get that crunch your palette needs with a hint of salt (can get creative with the spices too).

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Why not keep it balanced and fun with a healthy cookie? Chocolate Chip Cookies are a must for every household. Spelt flour is used instead of almond flour so that the kids can take them to school. They are the perfect solution to a sweet craving. 

Walnuts & Dark Chocolate

Walnuts & Dark Chocolate. The nuts satisfy cravings for something crunchy, salty and the fat keeps you satisfied until dinner. And adding dark chocolate to is – well why not! Cocoa is loaded with anti-oxidants. Try to choose at least 80% cocoa chocolate.

Tzatziki with Cucumber Slices

Tzatziki with Cucumber Slices.  This recipe is low in carbohydrates, but high in protein. It’s recommended that clients prepare a double portion of the recipe and use some for a snack and the rest as a salad dressing. 

Blueberry Banana Bread

This is an easy one – Blueberry Banana Bread – is the perfect sweet treat for anyone who is trying to rebalance their hormones as it’s high in protein and fat so it won’t spike your blood sugar.